The story behind Reine et Roi Paris We are Reine & Roi, a premium lifestyle brand.
 Our collections are made with inspiration of all over the world. 
Once you will realize you need to do something to become a success. Most people are just dreaming to live like a king or queen. That’s the reason why you won’t succeed. Wake up , stop dreaming and start doing it instead of dreaming the life you prefer. If someone else can do it you can do it too. There is just one thing you need to remember.. It does not come to you, you need to reach it by yourself. One day I went to Paris and visited many places. After a long journey I founded a name for the brand I always dreamed about it. I thought by myself to stop dreaming about it and just to do it. Everyone can reach anything but only if you are strong enough to do it and to be motivated. It does not matter how long it takes, because at the end of everything “patient” is the most important thing. Go for it and give everything you got to get the best out of yourself.
 Attract what you want , believe in what you want. That is the key to success. What you deserve , will come to you.